2017-18 Catalogs

Minor in Nature Tourism

The minor in nature tourism is jointly offered by the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies and the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. The minor combines coursework to provide students with an introductory knowledge of ecotourism, outdoor recreation leadership, and nature interpretation. Safe and responsible use of outdoor environments is a prime focus of the minor. Enrollment in the nature tourism minor can increase student understanding and enjoyment of nature while enhancing future employment opportunities in ecotourism and adventure recreation businesses, wilderness equipment outfitters, or organizations that focus on environmental education.

The minimum number of credits required for the minor in nature tourism: 19

Students seeking the minor in nature tourism must complete the following courses:

Required Courses (16 credits) Credits
ESP 101/102 Fundamentals of Environmental Science with Laboratory 4
ESP 203 Environmental Communication 3
REC 218 Emergency Medical Response with Focus on Wilderness Application* 3
REC 223 Introduction to Nature-based Tourism 3
REC 233 Outdoor Recreation 3
Elective Courses (3 credits)  
ESP 150 Environmental Science Field Immersion Session 3
REC 367 Adventure Based Counseling 3

Not all classes are offered every semester. Some courses may have prerequisites.

*Recreation and leisure studies majors can only substitute REC 218 Emergency Medical Response with Focus on Wilderness Application for REC 216 Emergency Response if they are enrolled in the nature tourism minor and have completed either ESP 223 or ESP 101/102.