2017-18 Catalogs

Minor in Psychology

Students majoring in other fields are eligible to earn a minor in Psychology, which will demonstrate that they have taken a rigorous and comprehensive set of courses within the discipline. Such students are looking to broaden their educational experience with a designated program of study. This background can complement professional preparation of students in a diverse number of fields ranging from social and behavioral sciences, social services and human resources, applied health science, and business.

The minimum number of credits required for the minor in psychology: 21

A grade of C- or better is required in all courses accepted for the minor. A minimum of 15 psychology credits must be taken at USM. Transfer credits cannot be used to meet the psychology elective requirement.

Transfer psychology minors who have taken an introductory psychology course that was completed in one semester have the option of taking PSY 102 or having it waived. If a transfer psychology minor waives PSY 102, an additional three credits of 300 level psychology electives must be taken.

PSY 101 is a prerequisite for all other psychology courses, and PSY 102 is a prerequisite for PSY 220, PSY 233, PSY 350, and several psychology elective courses.

Required Courses:

PSY 101 and PSY 102 General Psychology I and II (6 cr.)

Two courses from List A and two courses from List B (12 cr.)

List A List B
PSY 220 Psychology of the Lifespan PSY 350 Psychology of Learning
PSY 230 Social Psychology PSY 360 Cognitive Processes
PSY 233 Psychopathology PSY 361 Sensation and Perception
PSY 338 Theories of Personality PSY 365 Physiological Psychology

Plus, one 300-level or above PSY elective (3 cr)