2017-18 Catalogs

Table of Contents

Graduate Catalog
    The University
    Graduate Studies
    Graduate Programs
    Student Financial Services
        Financial Aid
        Financial Information
    Office of Registration & Scheduling Services
        Academic Policies - Graduate
    Campus Life
        Dean of Students Office and Community Standards
        Diversity and Inclusion
        Safety and Wellness
        Student Involvement
        USM Dining and On-Campus Housing
    College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
        CAHS Overview
            MM in Composition
            MM in Conducting
            MM in Jazz Studies
            MM in Music Education
            MM in Pedagogy
            MM in Performance
            Course Descriptions
        Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing
            MFA in Creative Writing
            Stonecoast Course Descriptions
    Lewiston-Auburn College
        LAC Overview
        Leadership Studies
            Accelerated Pathway in Leadership Studies
            Certificate of Graduate Study in Creative Leadership and Global Strategy
            Certificate of Graduate Study in Leadership Studies
            MA in Leadership Studies
            LOS Course Descriptions
        Occupational Therapy Program
            MOT in Occupational Therapy
            Course Descriptions
    College of Management and Human Service
        CMHS Overview
            Business Overview
            Accelerated Graduate Pathway - Engineering to MBA
            Accelerated Graduate Pathway - Technology Management to MBA
            Certificate of Graduate Study in Business Analytics
            MBA in Business Administration - Engineering Concentration
            MBA in Business Administration
            MBA in Business Administration, Accounting Concentration
            MBA in Business Administration, Business Analytics Concentration
            MBA in Business Administration, Finance Concentration
            MBA in Business Administration, Health Management & Policy Concentration
            MBA in Business Administration, Sustainability Concentration
            Course Descriptions
        Education and Human Development
            School of Education and Human Development Overview
            Adult and Higher Education
                Adult and Higher Education Overview
                Certificate of Advanced Study in Adult Learning
                MS in Adult and Higher Education
                Course Descriptions
            Counselor Education
                Counselor Education Overview
                Certificate of Advanced Study in Counseling
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Culturally Responsive Practices in Education and Human Development
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C)
                MS in Counseling
                Course Descriptions
            Educational Leadership
                Educational Leadership Overview
                Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Leadership
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Assistant Principal
                MSEd in Educational Leadership
                MSEd in Professional Educator
                Course Descriptions
            Educational Psychology
                Educational Psychology Overview
                Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis
                MS in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis
                Course Descriptions
            Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP)
                Teacher and Learning (ETEP) Overview
                Accelerated Pathway to M.S.Ed. in Teaching and Learning (ETEP)
                MSEd in Teaching and Learning - Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP)
                Course Descriptions
            Literacy Education
                Literacy Education Overview
                Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy Education
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Literacy
                MSEd in Literacy Education
                Course Descriptions
            Montessori Early Childhood Education
                MSEd in Montessori Early Childhood Education
            Special Education
                Special Education Overview
                Accelerated Graduate Pathway Leading to Initial Certification in Special Education
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Gifted and Talented Education
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Teaching ALL Students
                MS in Special Education - In-Service (certified educators)
                MS in Special Education - Integrated General Education and Special Education Initial Teacher Certification
                MS in Special Education - Pre-Service (Teaching Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities)
                Course Descriptions
            School Psychology
                School Psychology Overview
                PsyD in School Psychology
                Course Descriptions
            TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
                Certificate of Advanced Study in English as a Second Language
                Certificate of Graduate Study in English as a Second Language
                MSEd in TESOL
                Course List
            SEHD Course Descriptions
        Muskie School of Public Service
            Muskie School Overview
            Accelerated Dual Policy, Planning, and Management (MPPM) and Law (JD)
            Geography-Anthropology Course List
            Policy, Planning, and Management
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Applied Research and Evaluation Methods
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Policy Analysis
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Public and Nonprofit Management
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Sustainable Development
                MPPM in Policy, Planning, and Management
                Course Descriptions
            Public Health
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Policy and Management - Discontinued
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
                Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health
                MPH in Public Health
                Course Descriptions
            Public Policy
                PhD in Public Policy
                PhD in Public Policy with a Concentration in Educational Leadership and Policy
            Course Descriptions
        Social Work
            Social Work Overview
            MSW in Social Work
            Course Descriptions
    College of Science, Technology, and Health
        CSTH Overview
        Biological Sciences
            MS in Biology
            Course Descriptions
        Mathematics and Statistics
            Mathematics and Statistics Overview
            4+1 Master's Program in Statistics
            Certificate of Graduate Study in Data Science
            Certificate of Graduate Study in Statistics
            MS in Statistics
            Course Descriptions
            Nursing Overview
            Certificate of Advanced Study in Nursing - Post-Masters
            DNP in Nursing
            Graduate Nursing Policies
            MS in Nursing - Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
            MS in Nursing - Education
            MS in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner
            MS in Nursing - Master of Science Degree for Certified or State-Approved Advanced Practice Nurses
            MS in Nursing - Option for Non-Nurses with Baccalaureate Degrees
            MS in Nursing - Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (across the lifespan)
            MS in Nursing - RN to Master of Science Degree Program for Registered Nurses
            Course Descriptions
    University of Maine School of Law
    Research Service Center
    Annual Security Report & Annual Fire Safety Report
    Administration of the University of Southern Maine