2018-19 Catalogs

Biological Sciences Overview

Chair of the Department: Jeff Walker

Professors: Maher, Walker, Weber; Associate Professors: Champlin, Currie, Theodose; Assistant Professor: Lasley-Rasher; Lecturers: Larsen, Simons; Adjunct Professors: Evers, Harris, Levine, Liaw, Oxburgh, Paruk, Stenhouse, Wilson; Health Professions Advisor: David Champlin

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a four-year program leading to a B.S. in biology that includes three options: biotechnology, general biology, and human biology. All programs of study provide students with a liberal arts education emphasizing the sciences. Each of these options has a core set of biology course requirements in addition to other biology courses that may be elected to suit individual interests and needs. Additional required courses in chemistry, mathematics, and physics reflect the interdisciplinary status of the biological sciences. Students also get strong hands-on experience by taking at least 4-6 lab classes, and many students get enhanced practical experience through research positions (volunteer, work study, grant funded, and fellowships) in science research labs at USM and elsewhere.

In addition to the B.S. degree options, the Department offers minors in biology and in ecology, a two-year nondegree program in pre-pharmacy, and postbaccalaureate certificates in pre-medical studies and pre-veterinary studies. Graduates of these programs have found careers in biological and medical research laboratories, biotechnology companies, and field biology, or have furthered their education by entering graduate, medical, dental, optometry, veterinary, and law schools, as well as schools for allied health professions. The Department of Biological Sciences also offer a master's degree in biology, with both thesis research and literature research options (see the USM Graduate Catalog).

In conjunction with the School of Education and Human Development, the Department of Biological Sciences participates in the Secondary Teacher Education program in Life Sciences (http://usm.maine.edu/educator-preparation).

Additional information about the Biological Sciences Department and all degree programs can be found at http://usm.maine.edu/bio.

Additional Information

Pre-Health Professions Students

Almost every American school of medicine, veterinary medicine, and dentistry requires the following for admission: a baccalaureate degree (major optional), two years of biology, two years of chemistry, one year of physics, a course in calculus, satisfactory performance on a national professional aptitude test, and a recommendation from a committee at the baccalaureate institution. At this campus, the Health Professions Pre-professional Evaluation Committee comprises faculty from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and is responsible for evaluating, comparing, and recommending students. For further information contact the Department of Biology's Health Professions Advisor, Dr. David Champlin.

Lewiston-Auburn College Courses

The following Lewiston-Auburn College courses fulfill the corresponding prerequisite requirements in the Department of Biological Sciences: SCI 105 = BIO 105, SCI 106 = BIO 106, SCI 107 = BIO 107, SCI 170 = BIO 111, SCI 171 = BIO 112, SCI 172 = BIO 113, SCI 173 = BIO 114, and SCI 345 = BIO 345.

Laboratory Fees

A laboratory fee is assessed in biology laboratory courses.