2018-19 Catalogs

BS in Nursing - Accelerated Program

The faculty of the School of Nursing recognizes the desire of people with baccalaureate and higher degrees in disciplines other than nursing to become nurses and has designed an accelerated program that leads to a B.S. in nursing in 15 months of full-time study. Students enrolled in this program build their undergraduate nursing courses upon previous academic and life experiences. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN®).

Students admitted to this program must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university or college. Admitted students will have successfully completed college/university courses in Anatomy and Physiology I and II (all body systems) and a college/university course in Statistics by the time the program begins in May.

The Accelerated Program admits students for the summer only, and courses begin in May. Admission is on a competitive basis.

Application Deadline: October 1

  • Notification of Application Decisions: Students will be notified by postal mail in early January.

Applicant Criteria

  • Applicants must meet the University’s general undergraduate admission requirements, which can be found in the Admissions section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

In addition to general requirements, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have either attained, or will attain before starting the program, a bachelor’s or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution; and  
  • Hold a 3.3 or higher GPA from the most recently earned bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree; and
  • Completed college-level courses in Statistics as well as Anatomy and Physiology I with lab, Anatomy and Physiology II with lab, prior to the May start of the program; and
  • Be able to satisfy the USM Nursing Clinical Health and Background Check Requirements prior to the May start of the program.
  • While not required, coursework in Microbiology with lab, Chemistry, and Developmental Psychology/Human Growth and Development will strengthen an application.

Application Process

  • Students should verify that they meet the eligibility criteria listed above. Applicants who do not meet the criteria will not be considered for admission into the BS in Nursing — Accelerated Program.
  • Apply to USM
    • Current USM students who will graduate in May must apply for re-admission. They should follow the steps for Readmission/Reactivation listed on the online application form.
  • Submit the following documents along with the USM Application:
    • Supplemental Application to Nursing; and
    • Nursing essay — the essay prompt is described on the Supplemental Application to Nursing; and
    • Nursing resume — resume requirements are described on the Supplemental Application to Nursing.

Questions about the application process?
For students who are currently enrolled at the University: Contact the School of Nursing.
For students who are not enrolled at the University: Contact the Office of Admissions.

Many students who are interested in the Accelerated Program also consider applying for the MS in Nursing – Option for Non-Nurses with Baccalaureate Degrees.

Summer I
BIO 345 Pathophysiology
CON 252 Human Nutrition
NUR 211 Nursing Role for Accelerated B.S. Students
NUR 300 Health Assessment 
NUR 301 Health Assessment Lab 
NUR 302 Pharmacology
NUR 305 Fundamentals in Nursing Lab for Accelerated B.S. Students
NUR 306 Nursing Arts and Sciences
Total Credits: 18

Fall I
CON 356 Concepts in Community Health
NUR 313 Intermediate Nursing Skills Lab
NUR 323 Adult/Older Adult Health Nursing
NUR 325 Adult/Older Adult Health Nursing Clinical
NUR 330 Mental Health Nursing
NUR 331 Mental Health Nursing Clinical
NUR 332 Nursing Care of the Older Adult in the Community
Total Credits: 18

Spring I
NUR 420 Reproductive and Pediatric Nursing Lab
NUR 421 Reproductive and Sexual Health Nursing
NUR 422 Reproductive and Sexual Health Nursing  Clinical
NUR 424 Clinically Applied Genetics
NUR 427 Child Health Nursing
NUR 428 Child Health Nursing Clinical
NUR 436 Community Nursing Partnerships I for Accelerated B.S. Students Clinical
Total Credits: 14

Summer II 
CON 321 Health-Related Research
NUR 413 Advanced Nursing Skills Lab
NUR 423 Management of the Critically Ill Adult/Older Adult
NUR 425 Management of the Critically Ill Adult/Older Adult Clinical
NUR 437 Community Nursing Partnerships II for Accelerated B.S. Students Clinical
NUR 470 Leadership, Management, and Ethics
NUR 480 Practicum/Care Management Seminar and Clinical
NUR 490 Capstone in Nursing
Total Credits: 18

Total program credits: 68