2018-19 Catalogs

CI2 Concept Research Lab (CRL)

Creative Intelligence + Innovation + Collaboration = Ci2

The Ci2 CRL is an Undergraduate Concept Research Lab. Its mission is to "turn ideas into action and action into things." The Ci2 is a hands-on experiential learning environment that promotes student innovation, individual and group creativity in an open concept lab. Through project driven experiences, students develop creative problem solving, critical thinking and marketable skills that foster innovation and community engagement. At the Ci2 students work on real world projects that range from creating augmented and virtual reality experiences to development of prosthetic limbs and new systems for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Ci2 provides support through a working studio for USM's new minor in Game Design Studies. Ci2 students have the opportunity to develop and publish games both independently and through the minor using all the resources of the lab.

From art to entrepreneurial innovation, the Ci2 is the place for you.