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Concentration in Public Health

A concentration is simply a way for SBS majors to organize their six required SBS electives at the 300-level or above.

The Public Health Concentration addresses a need for awareness of public health issues not only in Maine, but in the whole world. Evolutionary and multicultural aspects of diseases and their interface with human populations are daily headlines in the media: for instance, health care systems; food utilization and governmental policies; epidemics of flu, HIV/AIDS, drug-resistant strains of TB, and other emerging infectious diseases; as well as the threat of bioterrorism, are all concerns of the discipline of Public Health. Professions that utilize knowledge of public health include medical and allied health and human services, mental health, gerontology, and child and family support. Public health approaches address the full spectrum of services, planning, and evaluation. 

The Public Health concentration is intended to prepare SBS majors to become decision makers and policy advocates by shaping their ability to understand myriad public health concerns, and developing their facility in applying pertinent theoretical and practical knowledge to create a safe and functioning society. The concentration also prepares students for the pursuit of graduate study in Public Health and Policy.

Important:  Public Health is also available as a Minor for students in any USM degree program, and as a Certificate, which is open to anyone.  This page describes the Public Health Concentration.  Please see PH Minor for the minor or PH Certificate for the certificate.

Students should complete the necessary paperwork so that the Public Health Concentration appears on their MaineStreet academic plan. Please contact the Student Success Center at Lewiston-Auburn College: 753-6536.

Graduate Study in Public Health:

SBS majors pursuing the Public Health concentration may also be interested in USM's Master of Public Health program and the Accelerated degree option. Qualified students may replace up to two undergraduate SBS Public Health courses with graduate-level MPH counterparts:

"Qualified students from other USM and University of Maine System graduate degree programs, and health-related undergraduate programs, may be eligible for accelerated degree options.  Undergraduate students are encouraged to explore careers in public health.  Interested students are welcomed in MPH 400-Level (advanced undergraduate) and MPH 500-level (entry graduate) courses, in accordance with the requirements of their undergraduate degree programs.  Interested non-degree undergraduate students should contact the program chair of the Master of Public Health."

Please visit the Office of Admission for application information.

In addition to the requirements listed in the BA (see BA Page), the following requirements apply to the Public Health Concentration:

Required courses
     EITHER SBS 308 Medical Anthropology OR ANT 302 Medical Anthropology
     SBS 335 Legal Issues in Health and Human Services
     SBS/SCI 336 Introduction to Public Health
     SBS/SCI 337 Introduction to Epidemiology
     EITHER SBS 304 Food and Culture OR ANT 233 Food and Culture 

Public Health elective
Students select one of the following or, with advisor approval, a course equivalent in substance and intent:
     SBS 339 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Identity
     SBS 341 The Family
     SBS 343 Substance Abuse or CON 497 Substance Use and Abuse: Issues and Policies 
     SBS 344 Violence: Causes and Control
     SBS 345 Diversity: Many Voices
     SBS 350 Psychosocial Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
     SBS/LOS 436 Risk, Public Policy, and Society
     SCI 315 Environmental Health