2018-19 Catalogs

Course Descriptions

GDS 100 Game Design I: Introduction
Introduction to the history, concepts, strategies and methodologies of game theory and game, simulation and interactive development. This is a hands-on course where students learn the history and theories of gaming while developing and making board games, role playing card games, and a simple video game using Scratch or other software created to introduce programming and design concepts. No coding experience is required. Cr 3. 

GDS 200 Game Design II: Collaborative Concepts, Tools and Processes
Exploration of key concepts, tools and processes for Game, Simulation and Interactive Development. The course covers a deeper understanding of game theory. Students present and works through specific methods of level and environment design, gameplay balance, different demands and features of different gaming genres using creative teamwork and creative team problem solving. Students in this course will work together to develop more advanced games, simulations and/or interactive projects using more sophisticated game development software. Prerequisite: GDS 100 or Instructor Permission. Cr 3.

GDS 300 Game Design III: Practicum in Theory & Application
The course presents an in-depth exploration of collaborative Game, Simulation and Interaction development. Students in the course learn creative problem stating and solving skills, project management and other relevant proficiencies for game, simulation and interactive development relevant to the continually evolving industries. Students learn how to apply their individual skills sets in development of teams for project research, development and publication of games and simulations. Students work in collaboration to advance development and design skills and observe development processes at local studios. Prerequisite: GDS 200 or Instructor Permission. Cr 3.