2018-19 Catalogs

Minor in Digital Media and Design

This interdisciplinary minor is intended for students in any major interested in the use of modern digital technology. Students will learn a balance of practical knowledge and advanced technology skills, as well as theoretical foundations to thrive in the digital world. Through selected courses, students design, develop, and evaluate digital content using multimedia technology and relevant learning theories. A diverse selection of Art, Media Studies, and Technology courses relevant to Digital Media and Design are available each semester.

A minimum of 15 credit hours from the following courses monitored by a faculty advisor in the Department. Admission to the minor will require  completion of at least 24 credits in the student's major with a grade point average of 2.0. Successful completion of the minor will require a grade point average of 2.0 in the courses making up the minor.

Students should complete the two required courses from outside their major first, because they may be prerequisites to the elective courses. Two of the three elective courses must be from outside a student's major.

Required: Complete two courses from outside the major
ART 222 Digital Art and Design (3 cr.)
CMS 203, 204 Introduction to Video Production and Lab (4 cr.)
ITT 231 Technical Visualization or ITT 241 Information and Communication Technologies (3 cr.)

Electives: Complete three courses, two from outside the major
Digital Art
ART 321 Exploring Time-Based Art and Design (3 cr.)
ART 372 Digital Photography (3 cr.)
ART 471 Advanced Studio in Photography and Digital Art I (3 cr.)

Communication and Media Studies
CMS 220 Topics in Media Production I ( 3 cr.)
CMS 222 Digital Radio and Audio Production (3 cr.)
CMS 320 Topics in Media Production II (3 cr.)
CMS 322 Digital Audio Storytelling (3 cr.)
CMS 340, 341 Field Video Production and Lab (4 cr.)
CMS 440, 441 Advanced Field Video Production and Lab (4 cr.)
CMS 460 Topics in Media Production III (3 cr.)

ITT 281 Internet Web Site Development (3 cr.)
ITT 282 Computer Aided Design (3 cr.)
ITT 343 Graphic Communication Technologies (3 cr.)
ITT 344 Digital Video and Animation Technologies (3 cr.)
ITT 444 Digital Imaging Technologies (3 cr.)