2018-19 Catalogs

Minor in Holistic and Integrative Health

The holistic and integrative health minor is designed to provide the foundations and philosophies of a holistic and integrative approach to health care and to examine the fundamental world view, diagnostic methods, and healing techniques utilized in the practice of various complementary healing modalities. A primary focus of the minor is exploration of issues that arise in moving toward an integrative approach to the needs of body, mind, and spirit. This minor is open to all students and may be of particular interest to students majoring in nursing and health professions, to students preparing for work in a complementary health care field, to students in psychology, social work, and anthropology, or to any student interested in addressing personal health in a holistic manner.

The number of credits required to complete the minor: 18

Students may transfer up to six credits toward the completion of the minor from other universities.

Foundational Courses (6 credits)
     HIH 280 Holistic Health I
     HIH 281 Holistic Health II

Students must select 12 credits from the following:
     CON 252 Human Nutrition
     ECO 333 Economics and Happiness
     HIH 203 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (formerly NUR 203)
     HIH 261 Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine
     HIH 270 Holistic Approach to Reproductive Health
     HIH 283 Healing and Spirituality
     HIH 284 Botanical Therapies
     HIH 288 Reiki: Energy Medicine
     HIH 490 Therapeutic Touch
     HRD 312 The Spiritual Challenges and Opportunities of Aging
     REC 110 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure Studies
     REC 219 or SPM 219 Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness
     REC 285 Perspectives on Animal-Assisted Therapy
     REC 311 Psychosocial Interventions for Older Adults
     REC 314 Wellness Education and Counseling


Two 1.5 credit RHF courses may be substituted for 3 credits. Examples include:*
     RHF 106 Ballroom Dance
     RHF 109 Beginning Weight Training
     RHF 118 Yoga
     RHF 122 Aerobic Kickboxing
     RHF 123 Introduction to Sea Kayaking
     RHF 124 T'ai Chi Qigong
     RHF 126 Stability and Physio-ball Exercise

 *Other RHF courses may be substituted with permission of faculty.

To declare the Holistic and Integrative Health minor, please submit a Declaration of Minor form to the School of Nursing. For more information about the minor, please contact the School of Nursing.