2018-19 Catalogs

Minor in Honors

The Honors Minor is an interdisciplinary pathway through the USM Core Curriculum. In the first two years, students fulfill Core Curriculum requirements with Honors versions of these courses (e.g. EYE, CI, SCA, CE, QR, SE, etc.). In the second or third year of study, students take HON 215: Thinking in Honors, a required interdisciplinary course that prepares students for upper-division signature work (including Honors Thesis, Capstone, independent research and creative projects). To complete the Minor, students may choose from a menu of discipline-specific Honors course offerings including Honors internships, Honors independent studies, Honors study abroad, Honors thesis, and Honors capstone. Total credit requirements: 15-18 Core Curriculum credits, 6-12 Minor-specific requirements (may be credits towards the major or "elective" credits).

Lower Division Course Requirements: Flexible; generally students take 1 Honors course per semester. During the first semester, students may choose to take Honors EYE and Honors College Writing concurrently. 

  • HON 101 (EYE) + 1-credit experiential learning lab
  • HON 100 (CW) (optional)
  • Choice of 2-3 Honors Core Courses (e.g. CE, CI, SCA, QR, etc.)
  • HON 195 Honors Study Abroad (optional, counts for International; Prerequisite: first year student with Honors Minor and completion of at least 2 Honors courses) 
  • HON 215 Thinking in Honors (required)

Upper Division Course Requirements: 1 course per semester, with the following options tailored to fit the student's interests, major requirements, etc. Options include:

  • HON 310 (EISRC)
  • HON 311 Honors Community-based Learning
  • HON 321 Honors Internship
  • HON 331 Honors Directed Research
  • HON 410 Thesis Writing Workshop (3 credits)
  • HON 411, 412: Honors Thesis course sequence (6 credits total)
  • HON 415 Honors Capstone (1-credit add-on to capstone in the major)


First-year students with a high school GPA of 3.5 and combined SAT scores of 1150 are admitted into the Honors Program, where they take 1 course per semester in coordination with their academic major(s). 

Transfer/Late Entry Honors Students with a GPA of 3.5 are eligible to join the Honors Program at the third year, and take 1 course per semester at the 300- and 400-level in coordination with their academic major(s). Transfer/Late Entry students must take a minimum of 10 credits in Honors to earn the Minor. Required courses for the late-entry Minor option are HON 215 and HON 415. 


NOTE: The following is only one example of many possible pathways. The Honors Minor is designed to fulfill the USM Core Curriculum requirements and to complement any USM major. Students receive individual advising to create a pathway through Honors that works for their degree plan. The Honors Director coordinates with academic departments to establish upper-division Honors coursework done in the major. For major specific pathways see our website.

First Year

  • Fall: HON 101 (required) & HON 100 (optional)
  • Spring: 1 lower division Honors course (e.g. HON 107)

Second Year

  • Fall: 1 lower division Honors course (e.g. HON 200/201)
  • Spring: HON 215 (required) 

Third Year

  • Fall: 1 upper division Honors course (e.g. HON 310)
  • Spring: 1 upper division Honors course or begin Thesis track (e.g. HON 311 or HON 410 Thesis Workshop)

Fourth Year

  • Fall: 1 upper division Honors course or continue Thesis track (e.g. HON 321 or HON 411: Thesis I)
  • Spring: HON 412 Thesis II or HON 415 Honors Capstone 

Transfer and "Late Entry" Students:

The Honors Program welcomes transfer and late entry students. Students entering with 54+ academic credits  are required to take a minimum of 10 Honors credits to earn the Honors Minor:

  • Required Courses: HON 215, HON 415
  • Options for additional 6 credits include: HON 310, HON 321, HON 331, HON 311, HON 410 Honors Thesis Workshop, HON 411 Honors Thesis I