2018-19 Catalogs

Minor in Information and Communications Technology

This minor is designed to provide students with a variety of courses in information and communications technologies. Most if not all organizations use digital information and communications systems, and employees increasingly are expected to have skills in those areas.

To obtain a minor in the Department of Technology, students must take at least nine credits in the minor beyond those used in their major, technical, or professional courses in another degree in the Department of Technology, or another minor.

Students can obtain only one minor in a degree or concentration in the Department of Technology, and that minor cannot be in another concentration in their degree.

Only six transfer credits can be used toward a minor in a degree or concentration in the Department of Technology, and they must be equivalent to courses in the minor. Transfer courses are subject to review by the minor advisor and subject matter expert.

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by a vote of the Department faculty.

A minimum of 18 credit hours taken from the following list of courses monitored by a faculty advisor in the Department. Admission to the minor will require the completion of at least 24 credits in the student's major with a grade point average of 2.0. Successful completion of the minor will require a grade point average of 2.0 in the courses making up the minor.

COS 160, 170 Structured Programming: Java and Structured Programming Laboratory (4 cr.)
ITT 231 Technical Visualization (3 cr.)
ITT 241 Information and Communications Technologies (3 cr.)
ITT 270 Introduction to Computer Hardware (3 cr.)
ITT 272 Introduction to Computer Networking (3 cr.)
ITT 281 Internet Web Site Development (3 cr.)
ITT 282 Computer-Aided Design (3 cr.)
ITT 311 Infrastructure Communication Systems (3 cr.)
ITT 343 Graphic Communication Technologies (3 cr.)
ITT 344 Digital Video and Media Streaming Technologies (3 cr.)
ITT 373 Intermediate Computer Networking (3 cr.)
ITT 376 Network Security and Ethics (3 cr.)
ITT 382 Advanced Web Site Development (3 cr.)
ITT 444 Animation and Motion Imaging Technologies (3 cr.)