2018-19 Catalogs

Minor in Military Science

This minor is designed to establish a direct link with the Military Science curriculum and award a Military Science Minor to all students who successfully complete the four-year Military Science program. For more information, please contact Dr. Sharon Timberlake at: sharon.timberlake@maine.edu.

The following curriculum meets the requirements for a Military Science Minor for Army ROTC Cadets. Students must complete a total of 30 Military Science credits (eight courses, eight leadership labs) as part of both academic and commissioning requirements.

Required Courses (30 credits)

  • MIS 213 Fundamentals of Leadership 2 cr
  • MIS 203 Introduction to ROTC 2 cr
  • MIS 301 Self and Team Development I 3 cr
  • MIS 302 Self and Team Development II 3 cr
  • MIS 401 Leading Small Organizations I 3 cr
  • MIS 403 Leading Small Organizations II 3 cr
  • MIS 411 Leadership and Management I 3 cr
  • MIS 412 Leadership and Management II 3 cr
  • Students also Participate in Leadership Labs each Semester 1 cr (per semester for a total of 8 cr)