2018-19 Catalogs

Minor in Risk Management and Insurance

The minor in risk management and insurance is designed to permit undergraduate majors from outside the School of Business, as well as non-risk management and insurance track majors within the School, an opportunity to develop a more in-depth knowledge of the risk management process and the insurance industry.

Students wishing to pursue the minor must obtain a copy of the Risk Management and Insurance Minor form from the School of Business, complete and return it to the School of Business advisor, signed by the student's current advisor for his or her major. Completion of at least 12 credits at USM with an overall GPA of 2.33 is required at the time of application. RMI minors need a 2.33 cumulative grade point average in the five courses taken in the minor. A student may transfer to the minor up to 6 credit hours of comparable courses.

The minor in risk management and insurance is 15 credit hours, including 9 credit hours required in:
     RMI 320 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
     RMI 330 Health, Life and Disability Insurance
     RMI 350 Managing Risk with Property and Liability Insurance

And six credits of elective courses - choose any two from the following list:
     ACC 418 Principles of Fraud Examination (ACC 110)
     BUS 280 Legal Environment of Business
     BUS 347 Triple Bottom Line Business (BUS 260 and 280, or permission)
     CMS 255 Business and Professional Communication
     CRM 216 White-collar Crime (CRM 100 or permission)
     ESP 203 Environmental Communication (ESP 101/102)
     ESP 375 Environmental Risk Assessment and Management (ESP 101/102 and ESP 203, or permission)
     FIN 321 Personal Financial Planning (FIN 320)
     FIN 323 Financial Engineering (FIN 320)
     FIN 327 Investment Management (FIN 320)
     ITP 310 Facility Planning
     ITS 300 Ergonomics/Time Study
     ITS 320 Occupational Safety and Health
     ITT 376 Network Security and Ethics (ITT 272 (ITT 181) or permission)
     POS 360 Terrorism and the American Public
     PSY 340 Behavior Modification (PSY 101)
     SWO 370 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SWO 201, 250, PSY 101, HRD 200)
     SWO 374 Sexual Harassment in Education and Work (permission)
     SWO 375 Gender and Aging (permission)
     TAH 321 Lodging Operations and Systems (TAH 101 or TAH 221)


Students who wish to pursue the minor must complete a declaration form available online or from the Registrar's Office.

The requirements for admission to the minor are completion of at least 12 credits at USM with a grade point average of 2.33 or higher. A student may transfer into the minor up to six credit hours of acceptable courses. To complete the minor, students must have a grade point average of at least 2.33 in the minor courses. Minimum grades may be required as prerequisite to other minor courses. Check course description for details.

Courses may be taken in any order provided individual course prerequisites are satisfied.