2018-19 Catalogs

Research Service Center

Pre-Award Services

The Research Service Center (RSC) is responsible for encouraging externally funded initiatives in support of program-related activities of academic, research and development, and administrative units, and it serves as the major resource to faculty and staff who wish to pursue such projects. The Service Center maintains information on and promotes awareness of funding opportunities, assists in refining project ideas and matching them with a potential sponsor's priorities and requirements, assists in the preparation of grant applications, and serves as the final approving authority for such applications.

In addition to having access to many online funding sources, the RSC maintains a subscription to an online funding opportunities database via InfoEd Global's SPIN database. This is accessible to all faculty and staff and can be invaluable to individuals seeking to do their own searches.

Post-Award Services

The RSC provides financial management assistance and administrative support to principal investigators and project directors after an award is received. Services include: review and approval of all award documents, preparation and submission of financial reports, requests for reimbursement, budget revisions, amendments, etc. These services are a collaborative effort on the part of RSC staff and project staff. Services continue through the termination date, ending with the submission of the final program and final financial reports.

Increasingly, governmental agencies are turning to RSC to provide management and approval for post-award modifications. In many cases, such requests can be approved and processed by RSC with proper notification to the sponsor.

Additional information is available online:  http://usm.maine.edu/rsc