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BA in Theatre

The Department of Theatre offers a four-year program leading to a B.A. degree in Theatre. An undergraduate degree in Theatre offers valuable preparation for careers in educational or professional theatrical activities, as well as other nonrelated disciplines.

All students are reminded that, in addition to meeting departmental requirements for the major, they must also meet the requirements of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences as well as the Core Curriculum requirements.

The minimum number of credits (exclusive of the University's Core Curriculum) required for the major: 46-55.

All majors or intended majors are required to take 0.5 credits of Theatre Workshop I (THE 141), or Theatre Workshop II (THE 142), each semester (maximum of 4 credits required). THE 141 and 142 may be repeated up to four times each for credit. Please see a Theatre advisor for information on exceptions to this Workshop policy.

Theatre students who fail to maintain a 2.5 GPA in Theatre courses and a 2.0 overall GPA may not be allowed to participate in Department productions in either an acting or technical capacity (except for lab duties or requirements related to coursework). These GPA standards are required for graduation and a grade of C– or better is required in all Theatre courses.

Students are encouraged to meet with the faculty or staff whenever questions arise or problems occur.

The following courses are required (all courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted):  

Foundations Courses: (25 credits)

     THE 101 Introduction to Theatre and Text Analysis
     THE 104 Practicum in Costuming (1 credit)
     THE 105 Practicum in Stage Lighting (1 credit)
     THE 106 Practicum in Stagecraft (1 credit)
     THE 122 Introduction to Acting
     THE 136 Fundamentals of Design and Technology
     THE 141/THE 142 Theatre Workshop I - II (.5 credits for eight semesters, total: 4 credits):
            THE 141 (up to 4 semesters); THE 142 (up to 4 semesters)
     THE 201 Cultural History of Theatre
     THE 351 Dramatic Literature and Theatre History I
     THE 352 Dramatic Literature and Theatre History II
            Note: Literature/History Option students must take both
     THE 495 Theatre Capstone/Senior Seminar

Performance Option (21-27 credits)

     THE 220 Scene Study
     THE 221 Voice and Speech for the Actor
     THE 222 Movement for the Actor
     THE 321 Advanced Acting
     THE XXX Theatre Elective (other than THE 190 or THE 290)
     THE 496 External Experience (6-12 credits)

Design/Technology Option (24-30 credits)

     THE 232 Production/Stage Management
            (Choose three of the following four options):
     THE 331 Scene Design
     THE 334 Costume Design
     THE 335 Lighting Design
     THE 337 Sound Design

     THE 434 Advanced Design
     THE XXX Theatre Elective (other than THE 190 or THE 290)
     THE 496 External Experience (6-12 credits)

Literature/History Option (21-27 credits)

     THE 351 or 352
            (Choose the course not taken to fulfill the Foundations Requirements)
     THE 250 Playwriting
     THE 325 Directing
            (Choose one of the following):
     ENG 329 Modern Drama
     ENG 352 Medieval Drama
     ENG 357 Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama
     ENG 360 Shakespeare
     ENG 361 Shakespeare

     THE XXX Theatre Elective (other than THE 190 or THE 290)
     THE 496 External Experience (6-12 credits)

Electives from other departments may be taken in lieu of Theatre courses if approved by Theatre Department vote.

Areas of focus are Performance, Design/Technology and Literature/History.

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