2019-20 Catalogs

BS in Biochemistry

The biochemistry program provides a rigorous and exciting pre-professional education for students interested in pursuing STEM careers or graduate school. To prepare students for a wide variety of career choices, the instructional laboratories provide interdisciplinary, project-based experiments for students to explore. The laboratory curriculum also provides students hands-on experience operating analytical instrumentation. Students have opportunities to engage in faculty mentored research projects within the department and to intern with local scientific firms in southern Maine.

Because the chemistry courses in each track are the same for the first two years, students may switch between the chemistry and biochemistry B.S. tracks through the junior year. Students considering a biochemistry major are strongly urged to consult with a member of the Department of Chemistry faculty to discuss the program.

To graduate as a chemistry major or minor in any program, a student must earn a grade of C or better in all chemistry courses and a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all other courses required for the major. At least 12 credit hours beyond the 100-level must be taken within the Chemistry Department at USM.

Minimum number of credits in chemistry and related areas (exclusive of the University's Core Curriculum) required for the major: 66.5.

The following courses are required: (39-44 credit hours)
CHY 113, 114  Principles of Chemistry I and Laboratory Techniques I
CHY 115, 116  Principles of Chemistry II and Laboratory Techniques II
CHY 233  Analytical Chemistry with Laboratory
CHY 251, 252  Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHY 253, 254  Organic Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHY 373  Chemical Thermodynamics
CHY 461, 462 Biochemistry I and Biochemistry Laboratory I
CHY 463, 464 Biochemistry II and Biochemistry Laboratory II
Either CHY 421 Inorganic Chemistry
     OR CHY 377 Spectroscopy and CHY 378 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

The following courses are also required: (22.5 credit hours)
BIO 105, 106  Biological Principles I: Cellular Biology and Laboratory Biology
PHY 121, 114, 123, 116  General Physics I and II and Laboratory
MAT 152  Calculus A
MAT 153  Calculus B

In addition, choose one of the following five groups of courses:
1. BIO 311, 282 Microbiology and Microbiological Laboratory
    (5 credit hours)

2. BIO 107 Biological Principles II: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology
    BIO 305, 306  Developmental Biology and Laboratory
    (9.5 credit hours)

3. BIO 107  Biological Principles II: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology
    BIO 109  Biological Principles III: Functional Biology
    BIO 409, 410  Cell and Molecular Biology and Laboratory
    (12.5 credit hours)

4. BIO 107  Biological Principles II: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology
    BIO 109  Biological Principles III: Functional Biology
    BIO 321, 322  Neurobiology and Laboratory
    (12.5 credit hours)

5. BIO 201 Genetics
    (3 credit hours)