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Minor in Environmental Science

The minor in environmental science, coupled with a science or liberal arts degree, helps prepare a student for entry into the environmental fields or advanced study.

All courses taken to satisfy the requirements for a minor in environmental science must be completed with a grade of C- or better. This minor is not available to students pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Science. Environmental Planning and Policy majors may double-count up to 7 credits of courses used in their major toward the minor.

Minimum number of credits of environmental science courses (not courses in environmental planning or policy) required for the minor: 18.

Students may transfer up to 4 credits of comparable environmental science courses from other institutions.

Required Courses

ESP 101 Fundamentals of Environmental Science (3 cr.)
ESP 102 Fundamentals of Environmental Science Lab (1 cr.)
ESP 203 Environmental Communication (3 cr.)
Four Environmental Science Courses (11-12 cr.)

ESP 101 and 102 should be completed first. Some advanced environmental science classes may also have ESP, chemistry, biology, and mathematics prerequisites.