2019-20 Catalogs

Minor in Linguistics

Language plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of human life; it is fundamental to commerce, government, education, science, technology, the arts, and the mass media. The field of linguistics is devoted to the study of language, its nature, its uses, and its limitations. Because of its wide relevance, undergraduate study in linguistics can be a springboard to careers in many areas, from education to computer science.

Minimum number of credits required for the minor: 18

Required Coursework

Note: Some of these courses have prerequisites; see course descriptions.

LIN 185 Language, Mind, and Society: An Introduction to Linguistics

One three-credit LIN course at any level (excluding courses focused on interpreting) or ASL 416

One 400-level three-credit LIN course (excluding courses focused on interpreting)

Three of the following courses:
LIN 310 Signs of Language in the Brain
LIN 311 Phonetics
LIN 312 Phonology and Morphology
LIN 313 Syntax
LIN 314 Semantics
LIN 315 Field Methods
LIN 316 Language Variation
LIN 317 Two Languages, One Mind: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism

Note: Students majoring in Linguistics or in Linguistics with concentrations in Speech and Language Science, French Linguistics, or Spanish Linguistics may not also complete the Linguistics Minor. Students majoring in Linguistics with concentrations in ASL Linguistics or in ASL/English Interpreting may complete the Linguistics minor as long as at least three courses for the minor do not also count toward the major.