2019-20 Catalogs

Minor in Mathematics

Students in other fields of study receive a minor in mathematics when they demonstrate they have taken a rigorous and comprehensive set of courses within the discipline.

Minimum number of credits required for the minor: 22

Students must satisfy the following requirements with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

Required courses:
MAT 152 Calculus A
MAT 153 Calculus B
MAT 252 Calculus C
MAT 295 Linear Algebra

Two additional courses from the following:
MAT 290 Foundations of Mathematics
MAT 350 Differential Equations
MAT 352 Real Analysis
MAT 355 Complex Analysis
MAT 371 College Geometry
MAT 392 Theory of Numbers
MAT 395 Abstract Algebra
MAT 490 Topology
MAT 492 Graph Theory and Combinatorics