2019-20 Catalogs

Minor in Recreation Leadership

The minor in recreation leadership provides students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to lead recreation programs in settings such as YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, community recreation centers, and camps. The minor is especially appropriate for students majoring in fields such as education, psychology, nursing, criminology, business, and social work who intend to use recreation activities as part of their practices.

Minimum number of credits required for the minor: 21

Required courses: (9 credits)
REC 110 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 241 Recreation Leadership
REC 324 Inclusive and Special Recreation

Complete three of the following courses: (9 credits)
REC 226 Lifetime Leisure Activities
REC 231 Expressive Arts Programming
REC 233 Outdoor Recreation
REC 311 Psychosocial Interventions for Older Adults
REC 314 Wellness Education and Counseling
REC 367 Adventure Based Counseling

Complete two 1.5-credit RHF courses from the following: (3 credits)
RHF 106 Ballroom Dance
RHF 109 Beginning Weight Training
RHF 118 Yoga
RHF 121 Self Defense
RHF 122 Aerobic Kickboxing
RHF 123 Introduction to Sea Kayaking
RHF 124 T'ai Chi Qigong
RHF 126 Stability and Physio-Ball Exercise
RHF 218 Yoga Fusion

Not all courses are offered every semester. Some courses have prerequisites. Other RHF courses can be substituted with permission.