2019-20 Catalogs

Minor in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that provides a coherent set of courses on religion from a variety of disciplines ranging from the humanities to the social sciences. Students in the program will explore the philosophical, historical, cultural, literary, and artistic aspects of religion, as well as contemporary challenges to religion amidst secularism, modernism, and pluralism. This minor aims to improve students’ writing skills as well as their analytical and critical thinking skills, which in turn will aid them towards becoming responsible citizens of a religiously pluralistic world.

The minimum number of credits (exclusive of the University’s Core curriculum) required for the minor: 15. Students who wish to complete the Religious Studies minor must take PHI 230 Philosophy of Religion. Students may choose from a list of courses to fulfill the remaining credit hours. A grade of C- or better in all the courses is necessary to receive credit toward the minor.

Required course (3 credits)
PHI 230 Philosophy of Religion

Electives (12 credits)
REL 240 Meaning, Morality, and Religion
ARH 322 Medieval Art
ARH 323 Renaissance Art
ENG 315 Ancient Literature
ENG 220 World Masterpieces I
HTY 152 The Islamic Near East
HTY 305 The Historical Jesus
HTY 307 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Origins and Interactions
HTY 308 Polytheists, Jews and Christians in the Roman Empire
HTY 309 Religious Violence and Persecution in Early Western History
HTY 334 The Holocaust: Policy, Practice, Response
HTY 335 Genocide in Our Time
HTY 366 History of Religion in America
HTY 377 Chinese Thought: Confucianism, Daoism, and Zen Buddhism
HTY 390 Traditional Japan: Court and Warriors
PHI 291 Death & Dying
PHI 315 Eastern Philosophy
PHI 320 History of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
POS 380 Topics in Political Science/HTY 394 Selected Topics in History Topic: Islam
SBS 334 Spirituality
SBS 420 Mindfulness