2019-20 Catalogs

Program Overview

Director: Rebecca Nisetich, Ph.D.

The Honors program offers small, dynamic courses that meet USM Core requirements, augment the learning in the major, and culminate in an interdisciplinary Honors Minor.  Students in any major participate in honors by completing a specified set of courses and learning experiences.

Our seminar format enables close interaction with peers, individualized attention from excellent faculty, and strengthened communication skills.  Students develop thoughts and positions on complex, multi-faceted issues by considering diverse perspectives and conflicting-yet-plausible ideas.  Students achieve the confidence that comes from honing ideas through questioning, dialogue, writing, and research.  Our interdisciplinary approach taps student curiosity and creativity while complementing any major.

Upper-division students can maximize their learning experience by completing an Honors academic internship, participating in one of our signature Community-Based Learning courses, or writing an Honor Thesis. All students have the opportunity to complete an Honors Capstone course, which provides students with the necessary resources, structure and support to facilitate their pursuit of education, career, and life goals.

Honors is more than a set of stimulating courses; the honors community is a home for engaged learners.  The Honors Center is a collegial space for study and relaxation.  Students can partake in honors student activities, travel, and community service.  Honors is meant to be a satisfying journey in which students rise to their potential as individuals and citizens – becoming the persons they want to be. 

Honors courses are offered on the Portland and Gorham campuses.  Residential students can choose to reside in the Honors Living-Learning Community in Anderson and Phillipi Halls. The Honors dorms include seminar classrooms, individual and small group study spaces, lounge areas, and faculty/staff offices. The Honors Center on the Portland campus offers seminar rooms, lounge space, student study space, and faculty/staff offices.

Please contact the Honors office to inquire about competitive Honors scholarships awarded to continuing students for thesis work and leadership activities.  Also ask about program flexibility for students with demanding major requirements or study abroad plans.  For additional information, visit http://usm.maine.edu/honors