2019-20 Catalogs

Psychology Overview

Chair of the Department: Elizabeth Vella

Professors: Stevenson, Thompson, Thornton, Vella; Assistant Professors: Gleason, Miller, Stewart

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, a broad field that encompasses a variety of subdisciplines: neurophysiology (brain sciences), cognition (information processing), perceptual processes, learning, social psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology, as well as key cultural aspects of psychology. Psychology majors also master foundations of research methods and statistical analysis.

The Department of Psychology offers a B.A. degree that can be accomplished in 4 years with full-time study. A minor in psychology is offered for students in other majors. The Department's focus is on educating students on the fundamentals of scientific theories and research methods within the field, and preparing them for graduate level studies and professions where they can utilize the wide array of skills and knowledge the degree confers: the ability to systematically analyze problems, use critical thinking to evaluate information, and understand human social dynamics and the ways we learn and process information.