2019-20 Catalogs

Theatre Overview

Chair of the Department: Andrew Harris
Associate Professor: Kent; Assistant Professor: Salotto-Cristobal, Valentine; Lecturer: Harris
Adjuncts: Anderson, Baker, Beyland, Boudewyns, Butcher, Cooper, Grant, Legawiec, Sanders, Tzianabos
Staff: Technical Director: Fertig; Costume Director: Grywalski; Administrative Specialist II: Campbell; Audience Services & Outreach Coordinator: Gardner

The Department of Theatre offers a four-year program leading to a B.A. degree in Theatre. An undergraduate degree in Theatre offers valuable preparation for careers in educational or professional theatre as well as other nonrelated disciplines.

All students are reminded that in addition to meeting departmental requirements for the major, they must also meet the requirements of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences as well as the Core Curriculum requirements.

Additional Information

Theatre Department Production Requirements

The Department of Theatre requires each major to participate in Theatre Department functions by completing Theatre Workshop courses and Department projects. Credit for these may be earned separately or concurrently according to departmental guidelines. Each Theatre major must enroll in Theatre Workshop each semester the student is a Theatre major. Theatre Workshop courses require, in part, participation in an approved Department project. These projects must be completed in a variety of discipline areas. All cast and crew members of Department productions are required to participate in the closing night clean-up (strike) for that show.

Student Participation

Theatre succeeds in direct proportion to the quantity and quality of the group effort, and so it is not surprising that the USM Theatre program thrives on the participation of all majors, minors, and other interested students.

Theatre is a strict and demanding discipline; the time dedicated to production and rehearsal is extensive. Therefore, the Department of Theatre urges students to select non-Departmental theatre activities prudently and with consideration for their overall academic and production commitments. The Department also strongly recommends that Theatre majors consult their advisors in order to integrate outside projects into their overall program.


Materials and/or admission fees may be required for some Theatre courses. Please contact the Theatre office at 780-5480 for specific requirements.

Enrollment Waivers

Students who believe they are qualified to enroll in a Theatre course, but have not completed the prerequisites for that course, may request the instructor's permission to enroll. In addition to Theatre prerequisites, all Theatre classes are also subject to Core curriculum requirements.

Graduating with Distinction in Theatre

For a B.A. degree in Theatre with distinction, a student must achieve a 3.7 GPA or higher in courses taken in the major.