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Accelerated Graduate Pathway to Master's of Athletic Training

Accelerated Graduate Pathway to Master of Athletic Training

For highly motivated undergraduate students who are already looking ahead to graduate school, USM offers an Accelerated Graduate Pathway from the Health Sciences major to the Athletic Training program that allows students to complete both the Bachelor's in Health Science and the Master's in Athletic Training degrees in five years rather than the usual six years. This detailed plan saves students one academic year of undergraduate education, as well as one year's worth of undergraduate fees, tuition, and expenses. Students who meet the requirements avoid the considerable time and expense attached to preparing multiple graduate applications. The chance to enter their chosen professional field a year early gives them an experiential advantage and has a beneficial impact upon earning potential as well.


Program Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, a student must:

  • Declare the Health Sciences major.
  • Declare participation in the Accelerated MSAT track no later than the end of their second year.
  • Successfully complete all BS Health Sciences core required course work, and all University Core Curriculum requirements at the University of Southern Maine by the end of their junior year status (see course progression below).
  • Complete all MSAT prerequisites (see course progression below).
  • Complete a USM graduate application to the MSAT.

Students who do not meet these criteria or who are not accepted to the MSAT are still eligible to graduate from the Health Sciences baccalaureate degree by choosing one of the three remaining track options to complete in their fourth year of study.


Recommended Course Progression

Year 1: Fall

  • ENG 100 College Writing (3 cr)
  • MAT 120 Introduction to Statistics (or equivalent) (4 cr)
  • SPM 100 Introduction to Exercise, Health and Sport Sciences (3 cr)
  • SPM 219 Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness (3 cr)
  • EYE 1XX Entry Year Experience (3 cr)

Year 1: Spring

  • Cultural Interpretation (3 cr)
  • HRD/SBS 200 Multi-cultural Human Development (3 cr)
  • BIO 101/102 Biological Foundations/Lab (4 cr)
  • PSY 100 General Psychology (3 cr)
  • Creative Expression Core Requirement (3 cr)

Year 2: Fall

  • BIO 111/112 Human Anatomy & Physiology/Lab I (4.5 cr)
  • PSY 2XX upper-level Psychology Elective (3 cr)
  • PHY 111/114 Elements of Physics/Lab (5 cr)
  • SPM 216 Emergency Medical Response (3 cr)

Year 2: Spring

  • BIO 113/114 Human Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab (4.5 cr)
  • SPM 260 Introduction to Personal Training (3 cr)
  • CHY 113 Principles of Chemistry I (3 cr)
  • CON 356 Concepts of Community Health or SBS/SCI 336 Introduction to Public Health (3 cr)
  • SPM 230 Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport (3 cr)

Year 3: Fall

  • SPM 350 Health Promotion Programs (3 cr)
  • CON 252 Human Nutrition (3 cr)
  • SPM 330 Physiology of Exercise (3 cr)
  • SPM 325 Methods of Resistance Training and Conditioning (3 cr)
  • International Core Requirement (3 cr)

Year 3: Spring

  • SPM 477 Health Related Research Methods (3 cr)
  • SPM 381 Kinesiology (3 cr)
  • Ethical Inquiry Core Requirement (3 cr)
  • Diversity Core Requirement (3 cr)
  • Elective (3 cr)

If admitted to the USM MS Athletic Training:

Year 4: Fall

  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)
  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)
  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)
  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)
  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)

Year 4: Spring

  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)
  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)
  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)
  • MSAT Track Course (3 cr)


How to Participate in the Athletic Training Pathway:

  • On the Common App, select your preferred choice of major.  You will then see the following option: “Please indicate your interest in one of the following accelerated pathway options at the University of Southern Maine” from which you can select a Pathway.
  • In the University of Maine System application, select your First Choice Major and then you will see the following drop-down menu: Accelerated Graduate Degree Pathway (First Choice Major), from which you can select a Pathway.
  • If you are a Transfer or Continuing Student, please contact the University of Southern Maine Advising Office to meet with an academic advisor who can review your previous coursework and determine your eligibility for entering an Accelerated Graduate Pathway. Please call (207) 780-4040 or email: usm.advising@maine.edu.