2020-21 Catalogs

Certificate of Graduate Study in Literacy

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Literacy is designed to accommodate teachers and special education teachers, educational technicians, and other holders of baccalaureate degrees who do not want to complete all of the requirements for a master's degree but who wish to obtain a basic background in literacy. Students who complete program requirements receive official transcript recognition of their work and a certificate of completion. Certificate completers are able to plan effective literacy instruction for their students.

Total Required Credits: 12    

  • EDU 512 Teaching Literature in Grades K-12
  • EDU 514 Improving Teaching in Content Areas through Literacy for All Students Including Those with Diverse Abilities and Backgrounds or
  • EDU 521 Digital Literacies and Education
  • EDU 620 Reading Development and Instruction
  • EDU 626 Writing Development and Instruction