2020-21 Catalogs

Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health

The 15-credit Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health (PH) can augment a student's previous academic training and facilitate advancement in a variety of private health and service organizations as well as public agencies. Alternatively, the certificate can serve as a strong introduction and preview to the field of public health prior to committing to a formal masters' program. The program provides individuals from diverse backgrounds with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in public health, health policy, epidemiology; as well as offering students the opportunity to pursue interests in evaluation, planning, or quality improvement.

Certificate students who apply for, and are admitted to, the master of public health degree, may transfer up to 15 credits from their certificate course work.  

Courses are scheduled in the late afternoon and evening for the convenience of working students. Fall and Spring courses meet once a week and are held in the Wishcamper Center on the USM Portland campus. A growing number of courses are accessible through PolyCom connection to other UMaine campuses. 

For more information, please contact:

Erika Ziller, PhD
Muskie School
Phone: (207) 780-4615
Email: erika.ziller@maine.edu

Required Courses (nine credits):

  • MPH 525 American Health Systems 
  • MPH 535 Introduction to Epidemiologic Research 
  • MPH 565 Social and Behavioral Foundations for Public Health 

Select six credits from the following list:

  • MPH 545 Applied Biostatistical Analysis 
  • MPH 555 Environmental Health 
  • MPH 575 Health Program Planning and Management
  • MPH 580 Health Literacy
  • MPH 635 Health Law and Ethics
  • MPH 650 Applied Public Health Research and Evaluation 
  • MPH 660 Health Policy* 
  • MPH 665 Health Economics 
  • MPH 670 Quality Improvement 
  • MPH 675 Health Information Management 
  • MPH 677 Regression Models in Health Sciences
  • MPH 683 Patient Safety

*Prerequisite for MPH 660 Health Policy is MPH 525 American Health Systems or permission of the instructor.

If students are taking one course per semester:

  • Students beginning in the fall start with MPH 525.
  • Students beginning in the spring start with MPH 565.