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The following courses are offered by Lewiston-Auburn College.

LAC 413 Exploring Careers and Job Search Skills

In this career devlopement course, preparing for internships, studetns relate self-knowledge, interest and skills assessment, and career decision-making strategies to affirm and develop career path options. In addition, students will learn how to market themselves to prospective employers by using tools such as cover letters, resumes, and interviews. Prerequisite: None. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer. 2 cr

LAC 447 Internship (EL)

This online course provides students the opportunity to work in their chosen field to evaluate their interest and acquire basic skills needed to market themselves effectively. Students participate in an online seminar in which they learn about and reflect on workplace issues. Students wishing to take more than 3 credit hours must have permission from their faculty advisors. Prerequisite: Must be LOS, NAS, or SBS major who has successfully completed at least 50 credits. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.  Cr 3-6