2020-21 Catalogs

Minor in Dance

The minor in dance is designed to provide basic foundational courses in dance technique as well as more advanced training. The minor is open to all students who would like to maintain and augment previous dance training. It will also serve as the dance training foundation for Bachelor of Music - Musical Theatre in Performance majors. Declaration of the minor in dance will be allowed only after successful completion (C- or better) of a 100-level techniques course sequence (i.e. DAN 101/DAN 121, DAN 102/DAN 122, or DAN 103/DAN 123), or department approval. Enrollment in Intermediate classes are by placement audition or permission of the department. 

The minimum number of credits required of the minor: 18 (nine credits of Technique, three credits of Choreography and Performance, and six credits of dance Electives). To receive the minor in dance, grades of C- or better are required in all Dance courses.

A minimum of three courses (9 credits), one of which must be at the 200-level, from the following:

      DAN 101      Beginning Modern Dance I     3 credits [fall]
      DAN 121      Beginning Modern Dance II    3 credits [spring]
      DAN 102      Beginning Ballet I                    3 credits [fall]
      DAN 122      Beginning Ballet II                   3 credits [spring]
      DAN 103      Beginning Jazz I                      3 credits [fall]
      DAN 123      Beginning Jazz II                     3 credits [spring]
      DAN 104      Beginning Tap I                        3 credits [fall]
      DAN 124      Beginning Tap II                       3 credits [spring]
      DAN 202      Intermediate Ballet I*               3 credits [every other fall]
      DAN 222      Intermediate Ballet II*              3 credits [every other spring]
      DAN 203      Intermediate Jazz I*                 3 credits [every other fall]
      DAN 223      Intermediate Jazz II*                3 credits [every other spring]
      DAN 201      Intermediate Modern I*            3 credits [every other fall]
      DAN 221      Intermediate Modern II*           3 credits [every other spring]

Choreography and Performance
Every minor must take 3 credits from one of the following:

      DAN 208      Dance Composition                               3 credits
      DAN 266      The History of Modern Dance               3 credits
      DAN 209      Dance Repertory                                   3 credits
      MUH 325     History of Musical Theatre in America   3 credits

Every minor must take a minimum of two courses (6 credits) from the following:

      DAN 205      Hip-Hop                                    3 credits [every other spring - 2021]
      DAN 307      Musical Theatre Styles I           3 credits [every other fall - 2021]
      DAN 327      Musical Theatre Styles II          3 credits [every other spring - 2022]
      DAN 297      Topics in Dance                        1 - 3 credits

*By placement audition or permission of the department.