2020-21 Catalogs

Minor in Economics

A Minor in Economics is available to students in any major within the University.

Students wishing to pursue the minor must be in good standing with the University and submit a completed Declaration of Minor form to the Office of Registration & Scheduling Services.

Requirements for a Minor in Economics (18 credits)

Required Courses:
     ECO 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics
     ECO 102 Introduction to Microeconomics
     ECO 103 Critical Thinking About Economic Issues

Select three of the following courses numbered 200 or above:
     ECO 220 U.S. Economic and Labor History
     ECO 301 Intermediate Macroeconomics
     ECO 302 Intermediate Microeconomics
     ECO 304 Research Methods in Economics
     ECO 305 Econometrics
     ECO 310 Money and Banking
     ECO 312 U.S. Economic Policy
     ECO 315 Economic Development
     ECO 316 Case Studies in International Development
     ECO 319 Macroeconomics: Debt and Finance
     ECO 321 Understanding Contemporary Capitalism
     ECO 323 U.S. Labor and Employment Relations
     ECO 326 Environmental Economics
     ECO 327 Natural Resource Economics
     ECO 333 Economics and Happiness
     ECO 335 The Political Economy of Food
     ECO 340 History of Economic Thought
     ECO 350 Comparative Economic Systems
     ECO 370 International Economics
     ECO 399 Special Topics in Economics
     ECO 400 Capstone in Economics
     ECO 450 Readings in Economics
     ECO 490 Independent Readings and Research in Economics