2020-21 Catalogs

Minor in German Language

The minor in German Language is intended for students who are interested in the German language and its linguistic structure.

Total number of credits required for the minor: 21

Required Coursework

Note: Some of these courses have prerequisites; see course descriptions.

GER 102 Beginning German II
GER 201 Intermediate German I
GER 202 Intermediate German II
LIN 185 Language, Mind, and Society: Introduction to Linguistics

Two of the following courses:
GER 300 Building Fluency in German (may be taken twice for credit)
LIN 311 Phonetics
LIN 312 Phonology and Morphology

Elective requirements also can be met by other German-related courses and by courses taken as part of a study abroad program in a German-speaking country. Students interested in these options should discuss them with their advisor.

Note: Students majoring in general Linguistics or in Linguistics with a concentration in Speech and Language Science may complete the German Language minor, but need to complete at least three courses in the minor that do not overlap with requirements for the major.