2020-21 Catalogs

Minor in Honors

The Honors Minor is an interdisciplinary pathway through the USM Core Curriculum and the major. Honors students typically fulfill Core Curriculum requirements with Honors versions of these courses (e.g. EYE, CI, SCA, CE, QR, SE, etc.). All Honors students take HON 215: Thinking in Honors, an interdisciplinary research-based course that prepares students for signature work (including Honors Thesis, Capstone, independent research and creative projects). To complete the Minor, students may choose from a menu of discipline-specific and interdisciplinary Honors course offerings including Honors colloquia, Honors seminars (e.g. Design Thinking, Grant Writing, etc.), Honors internships, Honors independent studies, Honors study abroad, Honors thesis, and Honors capstone.

Honors Minor requirements amount to one Honors course per semester. Honors students take Honors versions of Core Requirements.

For first-year students, this amounts to 8 Honors courses total (or 22 credits). This includes:

  • HON 101: Honors Entry Year Experience. Cr 3.
  • HON 215: Thinking in Honors. Cr 3. (required)
  • HON 415: Honors Capstone. Cr 1. (required)
  • 5 additional Honors courses of your choosing. Cr 3 each. 

       Note: Students who choose to complete an Honors Thesis will take the following 5 Honors courses:

    • 2 Honors courses of your choosing. Cr 3 each.
    • HON 410: Honors Thesis Workshop. Cr 3.
    • HON 411: Honors Thesis I. Cr 3.
    • HON 412: Honors Thesis II. Cr 3.

Students who do not choose to write an Honors Thesis will simply take any 5 Honors courses of their choosing. 

For transfer students, the required number of Honors courses/credits depends on the number of credits transferred in. (See “Transfer Credits & Honors course/credit totals”) 

Required courses for all transfer students include:

  • HON 215: Thinking in Honors. Cr 3. (required)
  • HON 415: Honors Capstone. Cr 1. (required)

Transfer Credits & Honors course/credit totals:

(all totals include HON 215 & HON 415)

  • 15-29 Transfer Credits - 7 Honors courses/19 credits total
  • 30-44 Transfer Credits - 6 Honors courses/16 credits total
  • 45-59 Transfer Credits - 5 Honors courses/13 credits total
  • 60+ Transfer Credits - 4 Honors courses/10 credits total