2020-21 Catalogs

Minor in Planning and GIS

The Geography-Anthropology program offers a Minor in Planning and GIS. This minor focuses on augmenting cutting edge GIS and remote sensing skills and applying these to analyze land use and environmental planning problems and issues.

The Minor in Planning and GIS consists of a minimum of 15 credits. No grades of lower then C-  will be counted toward fulfillment of the major or minor requirements.

Geography-Anthropology majors may use no more than one (1) course to satisfy requirements for both the minor and the major.

Required courses:

  • GEO 305/GEO 505/GEO 605 Remote Sensing or, GEO 308/ GEO 508/ GEO 608 GIS Applications I
  • GEO 209 Introduction to Land Use Planning or, GEO 210 Planning Maine Communities: Current Issues and Directions or ESP 200 Environmental Planning
  • Choice of one from:
    • GEO 438/GEO 538/ GEO 638 Independent Study in GIS
    • GEO 340/GEO 540/GEO 640 Digital Mapping
    • GEO 408/GEO 518/GEO 618 GIS Applications II
    • GEO 445/GEO 545/GEO 645 Drone Mapping
    • GEO 448/GEO 548/GEO 648 GIS Internship
  • Choice of one from:
    • GEO 203 Urban & Regional Development
    • GEO 204 Coastal and Marine Geography
    • GEO 303/503 Economic Geography
    • GEO 304/504 Arctic and North Atlantic Regions
    • GEO 320/GEO 520 Conservation of Natural Resources,
    • GEO 455/555 Gender, Race and Class in the City
    • ESP 308 Global Environmental Problems & Sustainability
    • ESP 220 Introduction to Environmental Policy
    • ESP 305 Community Planning Workshop

and one (1) additional course from any of those listed above to make up 15 credits minimum.