2020-21 Catalogs

MSEd in Teacher Leadership

The Master of Science in Education in Teacher Leadership is a 30-credit hour Master’s degree program designed to cultivate and strengthen teacher leadership by increasing knowledge, deepening practices, and developing leadership skills in curriculum, instruction, and assessment through disciplined graduate study

Students take courses from a foundation core and an academic core that focuses on curriculum, teaching, and assessment. Students then complete a concentration. A capstone completes the program. This program is administered by the Educational Leadership program.

There are two pathways for the Teacher Leadership program:

  1. An on campus program that has a self-design concentration;
  2. An accelerated online program that has a focus on curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Pathway 1 (on campus):

Total Required Credits: 30

Foundations Core (15 credits) 

Required: EDU 600: Research Methods and Techniques (3cr)

Select one course from the following:

  • EDU 562 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom (3 cr)
  • EDU 670 Introduction to Educational Leadership (3cr)
  • EDU 671 Organizational Behavior (3cr)

Required: EDU 605 Teaching and Assessment 

Select one 3 credit curriculum course from the following:

  • EDU 604 Curriculum Development (3cr)
  • EDU 615 Middle Level Curriculum Organization (3cr)

Select one 3 credit teaching course from the following

  • EDU 514  Improving Teaching in Content Areas through Literacy for All Students Including Those with Diverse Abilities and Backgrounds (3cr)
  • EDU 603 Analysis of Teaching and Assessment (3cr)
  • EDU 617 Teaching at the Middle Level (3cr)

Concentration (12 credits)

  • Select from one of the following options; prior advisor approval required
    Cohort or self-designed concentration
  • An approved graduate concentration or certificate*
              * If less than 12 credits, additional relevant courses required

Capstone Seminar (3 credits)

  • EDU 667 Teacher Leadership Capstone (3cr)
    Students work with a faculty member to define the capstone experience. This may include portfolio, thesis, action research project, or other appropriate format.

Note: Course substitutions are permitted with advisor approval.

Pathway 2 (accelerated online): Concentration in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Design Elements:

  • 6 start times (Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2)
  • 7 week accelerated courses with one week in between sessions

Total Required Credits: 30

  • EDU 600 Research Methods and Techniques
  • EDU 603 Analysis of Teaching and Assessment
  • EDU 604 Curriculum Development
  • EDU 605 Testing and Assessment
  • EDU 667 Teacher Leadership Capstone
  • EDU 670 Introduction to Educational Leadership
  • EDU 671 Organizational Behavior
  • EDU 679 Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers
  • EDU 680 Professional Learning in Schools
  • EDU 695 Special Topics: Coaching and Mentoring Teachers