2020-21 Catalogs

Race and Ethnic Studies Course Descriptions

RCE 100 Introduction to Race & Ethnic Studies
To understand existing and emergent forms of racism and trajectories of racial formation, Race & Ethnic Studies will interrogate when and how the concept of race was created in the US, and the connections of race with other forms of difference that shapes our experiences, identity and sense of self. Cr. 3. 

RCE 200 Introduction to Critical Race Theory
This course will consider one of the newest intellectual currents the American Legal Theory - Critical Race Theory. We will probe their claims of race and racial inequality in the law, and the marginalization of racial minorities, and how we might dismantle race and other hierarchies with social justice and praxis. Cr. 3. 

RCE 330 Perspectives on Father Involvement 
What does it mean to be an involved father? Historically, fathers have been far away from the family but today we frown on that behavior. We will present work by sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists showing differences in father involvement by race/ethnicity, classes, occupation, countries changing across the life course. Cr. 3.