2020-21 Catalogs

Technology Overview

Chair of the Department: Mark Monnin

Assistant Professor: Sussman; Lecturers: Hayes, Monnin

Programs in the Department of Technology develop management and technical professionals for employment in a wide variety of technical environments. The curriculum consists of general education, a technical specialty, and management courses that produce graduates with the specialty and general education combination widely sought by today's organizations. In these programs, technical and related concepts are presented in an applied approach encompassing classroom interaction, laboratory activities, field experiences, engagement with local business and industry, and opportunities for internships and cooperative education.

The Department offers four degree programs leading to a bachelor of science (B.S.) in technology management with concentrations in industrial management, precision manufacturing, information and communications technology, and electro-mechanical systems; a bachelor of science (B.S.) in applied technical leadership that builds on a variety of associate degrees and experience; a bachelor of science (B.S) in information technology; and a bachelor of science (B.S.), master of science (M.S.), and certificate of graduate study in cybersecurity.

Admission Requirements

Students must meet all University of Southern Maine admission requirements.

The Department of Technology has approved transfer pathways from several of Maine's community colleges and regionally accredited community or technical colleges. These pathways allow individuals with specific associate's degrees to complete a bachelor of science degree with a focus in areas such as: industrial management, electro-mechanical systems, precision manufacturing, information and communications technology, and information technology.

Students seeking admission to the B.S. in applied technical leadership will be screened for either an associate degree or a combination of occupational experience and training equivalent to an associate degree. Students without an associate degree are required to prepare a portfolio documenting their competence through USM's Office for Prior Learning Assessment.


The Department of Technology, recognizing the value of integrating theory and practice through application in actual work environments, encourages internships for qualified students. An internship provides a wide range of opportunities for applying knowledge and skills obtained in a classroom or laboratory to actual work situations. Permission of the advisor and the internship coordinator is needed to register for an internship.

Laboratory fees

Laboratory fees to cover costs of materials, supplies, and computer resources are added to ITT and ITS courses.