Center for Collaboration and Development

CCD Spring Workshop series with Jennifer Heart

CCD Spring 2021Workshop series with Jennifer Heart

The Center for Collaboration & Development is excited to sponsor this MaineStreet workshop series with Jen Hart, Associate Director of Registration & Scheduling Services focused on supporting faculty & staff as they use many of the MaineStreet functions in their work with students.

Faculty & staff are invited to join a Zoom conversation about:


Introduction & Overview of USM Academic Policies 

Description: Faculty & staff are invited to join a conversation about Academic Policies. We’ll spend time on a brief overview of the policy section of the undergraduate and graduate catalogs and focus on key policies including:

  • Course Incomplete
  • Academic Forgiveness 
  • Pass/Fail Option 
  • Course Auditing 

Intended audience: Full Time & Part-Time Faculty, Staff 

Date/Time: March 9th | 1p.m. - 2p.m.

If interested, please register here.

Leveraging MaineStreet to Support your Student Advising 

Description: Join us to review and interact with tools to support your Advising with students.  Topics include: assessing transfer credits and unofficial transcripts, analyzing a student’s Core, Advisor notes, assessing placement testing results. 

What people will learn: 

How to utilize tools in MaineStreet to support your Advising of a student:

  • To analyze a student’s Core and major completion 
  • To assess transfer credits and how they pertain to degree progress 
  • To navigate and review Advisor Notes 
  • To navigate and assess placement testing 
  • To access and assess an unofficial transcript 

Intended audience: Full Time Faculty, Advisors  

Date/Time: March 31st | 2p.m. - 3p.m

If interested, please register here.

The Basics of Course Registration in MaineStreet

Description: With Priority Registration just around the corner, beginning April 5th, join us for a workshop focused on student registration and how to support your students as they navigate registering for academic courses.  Topics will include how to register a student for a course, drop a course, and place a student on a course waitlist. 

What people will learn:

Introduction and use of tools to support: how to register a student for a course, drop a course,  and place a student on a course waitlist. 

Intended audience: Full Time Faculty, Staff  

Date/Time: April 1st | 3p.m. - 4p.m. 

Enrollment cap:  15

If interested, please register here.

MaineStreet Tips When Reviewing Transfer Credits  

Description: Join us to learn how to evaluate a student’s transfer credits by using tools in MaineStreet and collaborating with key departments around the university.

  • Explore MaineStreet tools including: UMS Transfer Course Equivalencies table, individualized transfer report for students, Degree Progress Report, Advisor Notes. 
  • Discussion will focus on the process of how to update a student’s Degree Progress Report, explore how transfer courses could apply to the USM Core or major requirements and who to contact to make official updates to student’s degree progress.

Intended audience: Full Time Faculty 


Start/end times: 3p.m.-4p.m. 

Enrollment cap: 15

If interested, please register here.

Wrapping up the Semester: Introduction to Faculty Center and Grade Roster in MaineStreet 

Description: Full & part-time faculty are welcomed to join us to review the functionality of the MaineStreet Faculty Center, Advisor Center and the process of entering final course grades. The second part of the session will be focused on supporting faculty as they enter their final semester grades.  

Intended audience: Full & Part Time Faculty 

Date/Time: May 6 | 1p.m. - 2p.m.  

If interested, please register here.


Workshops will be interactive and encourage participants to actively utilize/navigate/leverage MaineStreet functions.

MeSt guides will be shared to support ongoing use of tools.