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Each Faculty Commons event has its own event page - home to event resources, handouts, presentation slides, and, whenever possible, event recordings. We encourage you to view past event pages for full resources.

Here is a list of event resources from past Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 Faculty Commons events. This page will be updated at the end of every semester. For current semester events, please see main events calendar or current programming page

Cooperative Learning in a Metropolitan University (May, 2014)

Libra Scholar – Matthew Jockers Public Presentation (April, 2014)

Libra Scholar – Annette Kolodny Public Presentation (April, 2014)

Community Engaged Scholarship (April, 2014)

View full 2014 Service-Learning Engaged Teaching Workshop Series:

Careers in Aging Event: Celebrating Geriatric/Gerontology Scholarship at USM (April, 2014)

Developing Reciprocal & Sustainable Community Partnerships (March, 2014)

View full 2014 Service-Learning Engaged Teaching Workshop Series:

Changes in USM’s First-year College Writing Courses (March, 2014)

Foundations of Service-Learning Pedagogy (February, 2014)

View full 2014 Service-Learning Engaged Teaching Workshop Series:

The Chemistry Flipped Classroom Experience (February, 2014)

Higher Learning in Higher Education: Integrating Life & Learning  (February, 2014)

Keeling & Associates

Research Skills Toolbox  (February, 2014)

Panel Discussion on Retirement: A New Beginning (February, 2014)

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  • USM's Human Resources new Retirement Page - Relevant University retirement information and resources in one page.

Discussion on the Changing Landscape for Public Comprehensive Regional Universities: Peril & Promise in a New Age (January, 2014)


CTEL Accessibility Series (January – March 2014)

View general event information. Each workshop within this series has slides, resources, and a recording of the presentation available on the individual event pages:

Trustee Professorship Lecture – Dr. Monroe Duboise (January, 2014)

Using Electronic Notes for Academic Advising (December, 2013)

Conceptualizing Cooties: Exploring the Impact of Expert Versus Intuitive Models of Contagion in Daily Life – RSCA Faculty Presentation by Dr. Carol Nemeroff (December, 2013)

Trans Inclusive & Tans Literate: A Faculty Conversation (November, 2013)

Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your Classroom Will Improve Student Learning with Dr. Jose Bowen (October, 2013)

Teaching Naked Wrapper: Faculty Discussion & Reflection on Teaching Naked Event (October, 2013)

USM’s Scoop on MOOCs: A Faculty Panel Discussion (October, 2013)

Ecocriticism in Unexpected Places: RSCA Faculty Presentation by Kent Ryden (September, 2013)

Integrating Special Collections Resources Into Your Courses (September, 2013)

Welcome Event for New Faculty (September, 2013)

Growing Collaborative Efforts at USM - Three Summer 2013 resource

  • Professor Jerry Conway's talk at the Spring 2013 celebration of faculty RSCA:Document
  • Faculty Developed - one for the USM Faculty Senate and one that was an outcome of a faculty workshop on interdisciplinary collaboration at USM in the spring of 2011:

Interdisciplinary Document #1

Interdisciplinary Document #2