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The Future of Honors at USM Luncheon -- What's your vision?

November 22, 2013
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Honors Center, 253 Luther Bonney, USM Portland Campus



The Future of Honors at USM Luncheon-- What's your vision?  

As part of its self-study process, the Honors Program wants to hear your ideas on how it should evolve.  We'll start with a light lunch, during which the current program will be described.  Afterward, you'll engage in an interactive planning exercise in which you 'vote' for features you want to see added or (de)emphasized in future.  We'll end with an open discussion.  For those who wish to stay, there will be a discussion from 2-3 pm on the role of honors-in-the-major as a supplement to our university-wide program that dovetails with the USM Core Curriculum.   This event is an opportunity for you to offer guidance to the Honors Council as well as to learn about the program so you can advise students well and identify opportunities for you to teach an honors course.

Friday, November 22nd

12:00 noon - 3pm

Honors Center, 253 Luther Bonney, USM Portland Campus

Light lunch will be served. Please RSVP for this event.


Event Agenda:

12:00 to 2:00pm: Planning exercise and vision sharing

2:00pm to 3:00pm: Open discussion about discipline-based theses or honors-in-the-major (currently offered by 7 departments)

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