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An Introductory Seminar on How to Commercialize Discoveries and Inventions

October 4, 2013
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
7th floor, Glickman Family Library, USM Portland Campus

An Introductory Seminar on How to Commercialize Discoveries and Inventions

This seminar is open to all USM faculty, students, and staff from all colleges who are interested in knowing how to commercialize their discoveries and inventions and the available resources to accomplish this effort.

The seminar is part of the university’s Office of Research Administration and Development Commercialization Gap Funding Initiative, which seeks to accelerate the commercialization of viable concepts, inventions and products while promoting a university-wide spirit and understanding of entrepreneurship.

In this introductory seminar on commercialization, Kris Burton will walk through the process of moving technology out of the University and into the world and share some of her experiences of helping faculty, staff and students commercializing their work. She will outline the issues and problems that faculty, students and staff have to confront and solve when they want their work to have impact in the commercial world. She will discuss critical topics impacting scientific research in a university setting and find out best practices for working with industry, translating academic research, mitigating conflicts, patent filing, licensing intellectual property, starting a company, and an overview of the University of Maine System Intellectual Policy and Procedures. 

Terry Shehata will provide an overview of the current Commercialization Gap Fund competition immediately following Kris’ presentation.

Learn more about the Commercialization Gap Fund Program. Full-time USM faculty and staff from all colleges are eligible to apply. Graduate and undergraduate students who have discoveries and inventions resulting from their work at USM are eligible to participate as long as they identify an eligible USM faculty member or staff as the Principal Investigator. The due date for Letters of Interest is October 1, 2013.  The due date for full proposals is December 3, 2013.  Learn more.


Friday, October 4

10am to noon

7th Floor, Glickman Family Library, USM Portland Campus


Workshop Presenters:

Kris Burton, Director, Technology Commercialization, Department of Industrial Cooperation, University of Maine.  Ms. Burton focuses on transferring knowledge and technology from the university to organizations and companies that can put it to profitable use.  Ms. Burton is the point of contact for UMaine faculty and staff who are working with industry or who have developed intellectual property with commercial applications.  Mr. Burton received a B.S. from Texas Tech University and an M.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  She has prior professional experience in academia, government, small business and fortune 50 companies.


Terry Shehata, Ph.D., Coordinator of Institutional and Research Grant Development, Office of Research Administration and Development. As the University’s grant development specialist Dr. Shehata produces, manages and implements a suite of programs and services geared to increase the competitiveness of proposals for extramural funding with an emphasis on large-scale interdisciplinary opportunities.  Dr. Shehata is also responsible for leading faculty development activities such as proposal writing workshops and coordinating funder visitations


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