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Open Badges: Re-imagining Credentials for the Digital Age

April 30, 2014
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
215 Abromson Center, USM Portland Campus

CTEL Speaker Series Guest Speaker:

Erin Knight, Executive Director, Badge Alliance

Open Badges are a new way to think about recognizing and connecting learning and skill development. Digital, information-based, and stackable badges are becoming a new currency for skills, identity, and jobs. In this presentation, Erin Knight, Executive Director of Badge Alliance, will explore the state of the work so far, with examples of where badging is being successfully used across the ecosystem, as well as opportunities for higher education institutions to leverage badging within their own systems for their own benefit.

Open Badges: Re-imagining Credentials for the Digital Age

Wednesday, April 30th

1:00pm to 2:30pm

215 Abromson Center


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Erin Knight

Erin currently runs the Badge Alliance, a network of organizations collaborating on building and growing an open badging ecosystem. One of the progenitors of the Open Badges movement, a new system for credentialing and accreditation and for supporting broader learning across the Web and lifetimes, she spearheaded the badges work at Mozilla for three years before transitioning to the Alliance. Previously, Erin served as the Research Director at the Center for Next Generation Teaching and Learning, a non-profit at UC Berkeley committed to researching and promoting technology and practices for student-centered learning. Before that, she worked for Blackboard, the leading learning management system provider. Her career to date has been balanced between the education technology industry, giving her an inside view into the inner workings of education technology development, adoption and limitations, and academia where she studied information systems, lectured and ran research studies on participatory learning environments. She now brings these experiences, perspectives and passion to the open education and ed tech world. Erin lives in Portland, ME with her husband, son and two chocolate labs.


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