Center for Collaboration and Development

How to Reserve CCD Spaces/Room Guidelines

Please consider using Glickman 325 or Library Seminar Rm150 in Bailey Hall for your next collaborative session, workshop, community of practice meeting or faculty and staff gathering--both formal and informal.  

Description of Glickman 325:

The CCD comfortably seats 12 people in a collaborative working environment with modular furniture that can be rearranged to suit your needs. In addition to long tables and chairs, the space also has a variety of comfortable chairs and end tables suitable for smaller discussions or reading.  The space also includes a white board with dry erase markers, plenty of outlets to plug in personal computers, and a large monitor that you can hook up to your laptop to share presentations and media.  Coffee and tea are always available (Keurig pods), and food and drink are always allowed in the space.  Please note, the Director and staff office (Glickman 326) is inside the CCD, and may be in use (with a closed door) when meetings are taking place.

Description of Bailey Library 150:

This CCD space can accommodate up to 20 people. It is a collaborative workspace with desks and chairs that can be configured to your needs. There is a ceiling mounted projector and white board. While drop in visits are welcome, please note that this is a shared space which may be used by students and academic coaches during the day and evenings. Coffee adn tea supplies are located in the cabinet along with basic office supplies - ask for the key at the library's main desk. The room can accommodate catering for meetings or luncheons.


As always, we greatly appreciate your help in keeping these spaces tidy.

Please be sure to reset each room to the way you found it. We trust that you will enjoy working in these spaces.


Guidelines for Use of CCD Meeting Rooms

*The Center for Collaboration and Development spaces are intended for collaboration, building community, reflection, sharing ideas, and getting feedback.  We at the CCD hope that in this space, faculty, staff and instructors will learn about one other’s work, discuss common accomplishments and concerns in their teaching, service, and scholarly work, mentor, collaborate, and build community across units (including informal gathering and socializing with colleagues). Please note: The space is not meant for office hours, meeting with students, student advising (the Learning Commons on the second floor of Glickman has dedicated space faculty can book for those purposes), or for regularly scheduled committee meetings.  If you have a question about appropriate use of the space, please contact Michele Kaschub directly at  When the space is not in use for formal meetings (see calendar), faculty should feel free to meet informally, come and get a cup of coffee or tea, and relax or work on your own, or with other colleagues. 

*Please note: CCD spaces can only be accessed during the hours when the library is open.

*Signing up for the space: Priority of use for the space is given to those who are holding workshops, meetings, and collaborative activities, etc. To book the CCD spaces (Room 325 Glickman, and Bailey Library 150) please contact Nadine Pembele, Administrative Specialist CL3 at (207) 228-8347.  The CCD Calendar will reflect when the space is booked for meetings. When the CCD is not booked, please feel free to drop in!

*Swipe Card Access is required for 325 Glickman: You will need your USM ID to obtain a swipe card from the first floor Circulation Desk to access the CCD.  Please return the swipe card when you are done using the space.

*A key may be required for access to Bailey Library 150: Please check in at the Circulation desk on the first floor. 

*Please leave the room the way you found it: When your meeting is finished, please put furniture back, clean up the refreshment area, erase the whiteboard, and throw away trash. These spaces are maintained by the CCD and we appreciate any and all help from you to keep them ready for faculty use.