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Teaching Naked Wrapper

November 4, 2013
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
3rd floor Faculty Commons Space, Glickman Family Library, USM Portland Campus

Naked Teaching Wrapper: Faculty Discussion & Reflection on Teaching Naked Event

Join faculty member Luci Benedict for an informal discussion and reflection of the October 16th Teaching Naked presentation by Dr. Bowen.

Share your thoughts on the event and hear from your colleagues as you reflect on teaching practices currently in use and discuss new practices you are interested in implementing in the future based on the Teaching Naked workshop.


Monday, November 4th

Noon to 1pm
3rd floor Faculty Commons Space, Glickman Library, USM Portland Campus


Event Resources:

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Review Teaching Naked Oct. 16th Event Resources.


Dr. Luci Benedict, Associate professor in chemistry, teaching general chemistry and analytical chemistry.  My work in chemical education has focused on the use to technology to help students gain a better grasp of content in my courses. In 2011 I converted the principles of chemistry course sequence to a flipped classroom learning experience. Learn more about Luci Benedict. View Luci's website.


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