Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation

Bernadette Doykos Ph.D.

Research Associate II

Office Location

Rm 202 McLellan House




Curriculum Vitae

Bernadette Doykos is a Research Associate at CEPARE, where she works on a number of projects, including the evaluation of the MAT Program at the American Museum of Natural History and a pilot study of the MoMEntum K-3 literacy intervention. She is especially interested in examining education initiatives that aim to enhance equity for students from traditionally underserved populations. She brings over a decade of experience in the field of education research and evaluation. She earned a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Community Research and Action and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Prevention Science and Practice. Her dissertation examined how students from traditionally underrepresented college-going populations developed complex networks across multiple settings as they navigated the path to higher education.

Areas of Expertise

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