Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation

Erika Stump Ph.D.

Research Associate II

Office Location

Rm 203, 140 School Street, Gorham, ME 04038



Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. Public Policy (Education Policy & Leadership)
  • Ed.M. Secondary Education (English)


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Erika (Kika) Stump earned her doctorate in Public Policy from the Muskie School of Public Service and her master's in Education at the University of Southern Maine. As an undergraduate at Wesleyan University, she majored in English with a concentration in African American Literature. Erika worked in Maine public high schools as an English teacher for ten years prior to teaching at Central Maine Community College and Bowdoin College. Her research includes quantitative and qualitative studies examining policy implementation, achievement among disadvantaged students, critical geography and education reform.


Selected Publications:

Proficiency-based High School Diploma System in Maine: Local Implementation of State Standards-based Policy, Phase IV Policy Report
Erika Stump, Bernadette Doykos & Catherine Fallona. (2016)

An Examination of Using Social Impact Bonds to Fund Education in Maine
Erika K. Stump & Amy F. Johnson. (2016)

Report of the Commission to Study the Adequacy and Equity of Certain Cost Components of the School Funding Formula (2015)

Implementation of a Proficiency-Based Diploma System: Early Experiences in Maine
Erika K. Stump & David L. Silvernail. (2014)

Pathways to Mathematics College Readiness in Maine
David L. Silvernail,  Ida A. Batista, James E. Sloan, Erika K. Stump & Amy F. Johnson. (2014)

The Relationships Between School Poverty and Student Achievement in Maine
David L. Silvernail, James E. Sloan, Chelsea R. Paul, Amy F. Johnson & Erika K. Stump. (2014)

Implementation of a Proficiency-Based Diploma System in Maine: Phase II - District Level Analysis
David L. Silvernail, Erika K. Stump, Anita Stewart McCafferty & Kathryn M. Hawes. (2014)

Preliminary Implementation of Maine's Proficiency-Based Diploma Program
David L. Silvernail, Erika K. Stump, Angela Atkinson Duina & Lori Moran Gunn. (2013)

Maine's Improving Schools: An Examination of Distinguishing Features of a Sample of Maine's Improving Public Schools
Erika K. Stump, David L. Silvernail, Catherine Fallona & Lori Moran Gunn. (2013)

More Efficient High Schools in Maine: Emerging Student-Centered Learning Communities
David L. Silvernail, Erika K. Stump, Richard E. Barnes, Kenneth E. Kunin & Sarah E. Wintle. (2012)

More Efficient Public Schools in Maine: Learning Communities Building the Foundation of Intellectual Work
David L. Silvernail, Erika K. Stump, Richard Barnes, Kenneth Kunin & Sarah E. Wintle. (2012)


Areas of Expertise

Qualitative Research

Education Program Evaluation

Education Policy

Areas of Scholarship

Proficiency-based Education

Policy Implementation

Education Reform

Poverty - Student Achievement

College Readiness