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Proficiency-based Education

CEPARE policy researchers are conducting empirical research commissioned to MEPRI by the Maine Legislature's Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs to examine the impacts of proficiency-based education. Study of statewide implementation of Maine's proficiency-based diploma law is on-going and currently in its 5th year. Lead researcher, Dr. Erika Stump, has been sharing the research findings and policy implementation analysis related to proficiency-based education through technical assistance in local schools, conversations on MPBN's Maine Calling, presenting at AERA's national conference, serving as peer editor for related research publications and participating in keynote panels at regional collaborations. This work is regularly shared with the state legislature's Education Committee through public testimony and research briefings.

Annual policy reports from this study are available in the links below:


Proficiency-based High School Diploma Systems in Maine: Implementing a Standards-based System and Prociency-based Graduation Policies in a Public High School (A Case Study)
Erika Stump, Erin Connor, Catherine Fallona, Bernadette Doykos, April 2017

Proficiency-based High School Diploma Systems in Maine: Implications for Special Education and Career Technical Education Programming and Student Populations
Erika Stump, Amy Johnson, Cathy Jacobs, March 2017

Proficiency-based High School Diploma Systems in Maine: Implications for College and Career Access
Erika Stump, Janet Fairman, Bernadette Doykos, Paul Fink, January 2017


Proficiency-based High School Diploma Systems in Maine: Local Implementation of State Standards-based Policy. Phase IV Policy Report
Erika Stump, Bernadette Doykos, Catherine Fallona, March 2016


Proficiency-Based Diploma Systems in maine: Implementing District-Level High School Graduation Policies, Phase III Technical Policy Report
Erika K. Stump, David L. Silvernail, June 2015


Implementation of a Proficiency-based Diploma System in Maine: Phase II- District Level Analysis
David L. Silvernail, Erika K. Stump, Anita Steward McCafferty, Kathryn M. Hawes, January 2014


Preliminary Implementation of Maine's Proficiency-Based Diploma Program
David L. Silvernail, Erika K. Stump, Angela Atkinson Duina, Lori Moran Gunn, August 2013


For more information about CEPARE's work and other resources related to proficiency-based education, feel free to contact Erika Stump at or 207-228-8117.