Center for Entrepreneurship


The Center for Entrepreneurship, part of the Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship program, supports students and faculty in their business development efforts. The Center coordinates closely with the School of Business major and minor to develop courses, workshops, and resource connections to foster entrepreneurial ideas, concepts, models, and business.

Information about Entrepreneurship at USM

Degree offerings in entrepreneurship:

School of Business

  • Major: General Management Major with Entrepreneurship and Small Business Track

  • Minor: Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

In partnership with the Art Department:

  • Major: Art and Entrepreneurial Studies

In partnership with Food Studies Program:

  • Minor: Food Studies Entrepreneurship Track

Entrepreneurial Course Offerings:

  • BUS341: New Product Development – taught in Fall

  • BUS362: Market Opportunity Analysis – taught in Fall

  • BUS383: Social Entrepreneurship – variable  

  • BUS385: Entrepreneurship & Venture Creation – taught in Fall and Spring

  • BUS386: Creative Strategies for Entrepreneurs – taught in Spring

  • BUS388: Advanced ICE Topics – variable (topics include Global Social Enterprise, Entrepreneurial Innovation, etc.)

  • BUS485: Managing the Growing Venture – taught in the Spring

Student groups:

  • Enactus - Connecting students with business leaders and the community to create a better world using business concepts learned in the classroom.  We do team community outreach projects that empower people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their standard of living and quality of life. For more information please visit:

  • Ci2 Lab - The CI2 Lab develops individual and group creativity in an open concept, experiential learning environment. Participants develop creative problem solving, critical thinking and marketable skills that foster innovation and community engagement. For more information please visit:

Faculty groups:

  • FIG: Creative Strategies – Led by Prof Bilodeau, this Faculty Interest Group discusses ways to induce creative thinking in the classroom, and the use of experiential learning to expand creative problem solving. Play, draw, meditate, doodle. This faculty group is a great way to share ideas, experiences, and stories to help build a more creative classroom. This FIG will resume meeting in Spring 2017.