Department of Chemistry


If you are a declared chemistry major, you have been assigned a faculty advisor. To find out which chemistry faculty member serves as your advisor, check the Student Services Center on MaineStreet. You should see both a faculty advisor and a professional academic advisor listed on the right side of the Student Center tab. If you don't see a faculty advisor listed, please contact the chemistry department office at 780-4232.

If you are NOT a declared chemistry major but you have questions, contact any chemistry faculty member! If you are interested in the major but are concerned that you might not have taken the right courses, please talk to us.

We strongly recommend that you rely on your faculty advisor for guidance. You should meet at least once each semester to review your progress and discuss your proposed class schedule. If you have questions about career opportunities or degree requirements, or are experiencing problems in your current classes, your faculty advisor is a great place to start.

When planning your academic future, recognize that many of the upper level science courses have prerequisites, and may not be offered every semester.  The Course Schedule page lists the typical schedule of course offerings for chemistry, and together with regular meetings with your faculty advisor, will smooth your progress through the curriculum.