Department of Chemistry

Facilities and Instrumentation


  • General Chemistry lab, Payson Smith 305, with space for 24 students and adjacent offices and stockroom
  • Analytical/Physical Chemistry lab, Science 352, 24 students and adjacent faculty offices
  • Biochemistry lab, Science 366, 24 students, adjacent faculty office
  • The newly renovated, state of the art Organic Chemistry lab, Science 363, 18 students, adjacent stockroom and instrumentation room


The following instruments are located in the Chemistry Department, Portland Campus. Click on the link for online instructions.

Other instruments available at USM

  • ICP (ESP, Gorham)

Instruments available at other Maine Institutions



last update 13 Jul 09

USM Chemistry Club

The USM Chemistry Club is an ACS Student Chapter that works to educate and entertain students in K-12 about the principles of chemistry through engaging demonstrations.

In addition to performing demonstrations, the USM Chemistry Club presents chemistry research from a variety of fields at the annual national ACS conference.

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